ACP Representatives on Outside Bodies

BSI Committee                        

            Dr M Morgan         LBAW/9  Microbiology for Dairy Products  

            D M Morgan           LB1/35/2/  LB1/35  Laboratory autoclaves, Sterilisers and Disinfectors

            Dr R Webster         CH/212  Transfusion Equipment for Medical Use 

            Dr P Twomey         BSI's committee EPL/066, Safety of measurement, control and laboratory                                                  equipment, (centrifuges)  


            Dr Y Sorour                (Haematology)

            Dr A Oriolowo           (Histopathology)

            Dr I Bailey                  (Chemical Pathology)

Royal College of Pathologists Specialist Advisory Committees – Chairs of the relevant ACP Committees

RCPath & Joint Committee on Immunology & Allergy – Dr R Herriot

Cytopathology Sub-Committee – Dr Ash Chandra

Clinical Immunology & Allergy Section of British Society for Immunology – Dr R Herriot

Manpower Advisory Sub-Panel in Haematology – Chair of ACP Haematology Committee – Dr S Marshall

Manpower Advisory Sub-Panel in Microbiology - Chair of ACP Microbiology Committee - Dr M Morgan 

Manpower Advisory Sub-Panel in Immunology –vacancy

RCP/RCPath joint committee on immunology & Allergy – Dr R Herriot

Inter-Collegiate Committee in Haematology – Dr S Marshall

International Liaison of Presidents of Pathology (ILPP) – Chair of Council – Dr M Wood

RCPath Cancer Services Working Group – Dr U Chandran

National Audit committee – clinical biochemistry – Dr W Simpson

UKAS PAF Health and Social Care Sub-group – Professor Tim Reynolds

UKAS Policy Advisory Forum – Professor Tim Reynolds

Best Practice Guidelines Editor

            Dr R Gama                (Chemical Pathology)

            Dr N Wong                (Histopathology)


              Dr A Mifsud             (Microbiology)

             Dr T Heliwell            (Histopathology)

             Dr S Trotter              (EQA Interpretive) 

Molecular Pathology

Cancer Research UK Stratified Medicine Programme - Dr D Gonzalez de Castro

Association of Clinical Genetic Scientists – Dr R Butler

Pathological Society – Professor M Ilyas

UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics – Dr P Taniere