Journal of Clinical Pathology (JCP) is a leading international journal covering all aspects of pathology. Diagnostic and research areas covered include histopathology, virology, haematology, microbiology, cytopathology, chemical pathology, molecular pathology, forensic pathology, dermatopathology, neuropathology and immunopathology.  

Published monthly, each issue contains original research articles, reviews, short reports, correspondence, book reviews and more. JCP also has an education section consisting of articles on a topical theme with accompanying online MCQs for self-assessment. 

JCP is the official journal of the Association of Clinical Pathologists and is published by BMJ. ACP members receive online access to the journal as part of their membership and can subscribe to the print version at a significantly discounted rate.

Professor Tahir Pillay is the Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Clinical Pathology. Professor Pillay is Head of the Department of Chemical Pathology and the Division of Clinical Pathology in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He is a fellow of the College of Medicine of South Africa and the Royal College of Pathologists in London, and one of the two most senior chemical pathologists in South Africa. 

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Time for change: a new training programme for morpho-molecular pathologists?

David A Moore, Caroline A Young, Hayley T Morris, Karin A Oien, Jessica L Lee, J Louise Jones, Manuel Salto-Tellez


November 7, 2017

Future-proofing pathology: the case for clinical adoption of digital pathology

Bethany Jill Williams, David Bottoms, Darren Treanor


August 5, 2017

Editor's choice

T cell clonality assessment: past, present and future

Etienne Mahe, Tevor Pugh, Suzanne Kamel-Reid


October 21, 2017


Anthousa Kythreotou, Abdul Siddique, Francesco A Mauri, Mark Bower, David J Pinato


November 2, 2017

Rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis and detection of drug resistance by combined simultaneous amplification testing and reverse dot blot

Yiwen Chen, Lahong Zhang, Liquan Hong, Xian Luo, Juping Chen, Leiming Tang, Jiahuan Chen, Xia Liu, Zhaojun Chen


November 14, 2017

Adrenal venous sampling for primary aldosteronism: laboratory medicine best practice

Gregory Kline, Daniel T Holmes


September 11, 2017

Editor's choice

How to prepare cytological samples for molecular testing

Claudio Bellevicine, Umberto Malapelle, Elena Vigliar, Pasquale Pisapia, Giulia Vita, Giancarlo Troncone


July 24, 2017

Editor's choice

Laboratory assessment of vitamin B12 status

Dominic J Harrington


May 11, 2016

Clinical performance evaluation of the Idylla NRAS-BRAF mutation test on retrospectively collected formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded colorectal cancer tissue

Louise Johnston, Michael Power, Philip Sloan, Anna Long, Angela Silmon, Ben Chaffey, Andrea Jane Lisgo, Liam Little, Ellen Vercauteren, Torben Steiniche, Tine Meyer, John Simpson


September 12, 2017

Cutaneous angiosarcoma: a current update

Elina Shustef, Viktoryia Kazlouskaya, Victor G Prieto, Doina Ivan, Phyu P Aung


September 15, 2017

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