ACP Career Development Award

£10,000 is available to fund these awards in 2018, and applications can be made for the full amount.

Both Consultants and Specialist Trainees who have been members of the Association for at least three years may apply for these awards

  • There is no closing date for applications, which can be submitted throughout the year.
  • The application form, obtainable from ACP or from the website, covers justification for the support sought for the period of service training, personal development, or study for management qualification(s) beneficial to clinical pathology service delivery, which may be at home or overseas. Examples of successful applications include:

 1.        a visit by a consultant virologist to a laboratory in the USA to learn raft-cell culture methods for human papillomavirus.

   2.        a visit by a Chinese histopathologist (an ACP member) to Australia to widen his experience of gynaecological and breast tumour pathology.

  • Applications must be for finance not otherwise available from the applicant's employer (with evidence of this).
  • Awards may cover tuition fees, travelling and maintenance costs while the planned (future) period of study is undertaken. The award may NOT be used to cover the cost of any locum required for a successful applicant.
  • The study or development must form part of a personal development plan agreed with the applicant's Clinical Director or Programme Director/Educational Supervisor who should briefly endorse the application to this effect.
  • Written confirmation is required from the proposed host department.
  • Retrospective applications for periods of study that have already been undertaken will not be considered.
  • Applications can be accepted from existing ACP member Specialist Registrars and consultant members at any stage in their career.
  • The awards are tenable during 2018 and remittance will be upon receipt of a publishable report for ACP news on what has been learned or gained from the study or development. This report must be submitted within 6 months of completion of the period of study or funding will be withdrawn.

 Please return completed form by post to:

The ACP Education Secretary

Association of Clinical Pathologists
189 Dyke Road
Tel: 01273 775700

and also by e-mail to

Application form